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Save the Sheep

(NPC: 2019\171 698\08)

(PBO: 930 067 368)

Save the Sheep is a registered non-profit company based in Sutherland in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Our focus is primarily on running drought management projects in the Karoo. Our main goal is to assist farming communities to survive the drought and remain productive suppliers to our national food basket.


All funding received is used to fund projects, to assist with food parcels where needed most and all fodder is distributed  amongst farmers, taking into consideration the amount of animals the farmer needs to feed.

As we are self reliant, and to survive this terrible drought, we need your help. You can make a difference to keep the Karoo farmer in production. Support a farmer by making a donation today.


Some of the projects we have managed include:


  • Providing farmers with fodder to feed their animals


  • Drilling project to provide farmers with drinking water for human and animal use


  • Solar pump project supplying farmers with solar pump systems to get water from bore holes


  • Tank Project supplying farmers with water tanks for storage of water


  • An emergency pantry, to provide food and humanitarian help to farmers in need.


To run these projects, we rely on donors to provide us with fodder, food and funding.

Why we started

Save the Sheep

The Karoo is gripped in the worst drought in 220 years. Farmers in the Northern Cape Province do not receive any drought relief subsidy from either provincial or national government. Thus, the Sutherland farming community had to become self-reliant to ensure they survive the ongoing drought.  

We established a non-profit company, Save the Sheep (NPC), with the primary objective to assist communities in times of disaster, drought and related acts of nature. The committee that runs Save the Sheep, on a voluntary basis, are all farmers in the Sutherland District.

The people behind

Save the Sheep

AJ Burger

AJ Burger



Sybel Visagie

Sybel Visagie

Relationship Officer


Ockie Muller

Ockie Muller

Distribution Officer


Derick Hanekom

Derick Hanekom

Financial Officer