Save the Sheep

Karoo Drought Management
The Karoo, in the Northern Cape of South Africa, is gripped in the worst drought in 220 years. For the past eight years this region has received below average rainfall. (The average rainfall for the region in normal conditions are around 250mm a year, currently it is a fraction of it or nothing at all.)

The Karoo region covers an area of 395 000 square kilometres. The region is known for farming, producing mostly meat, wool and mohair. The wool and mohair are mainly exported to Europe and China.

Under normal conditions the Karoo produces one third of South Africa’s meat. Due to the ongoing drought farmers had to drastically reduce their flocks. Most farmers are left with only a handful of their breeding stock.

What we do

To Save the Sheep

Raise funds

We are a non-profit company based in Sutherland in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Raise awareness

Save the Sheep’s primary objective is to assist communities in times of disaster, drought and related acts of nature.

Protect livelihoods

We need as many people and businesses to make contributions to help us survive this disaster.

Thank you!

For Saving our Sheep